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Teraciel Group | CSR | Workforce


Our work culture promotes a motivating and inspiring work environment. We implement this spirit by providing support to team members every step of the way. We also make sure to maintain a safe and regulated workplace at all times

Teraciel Group | CSR | Our Network


Our network refers to associations with NGO’s and charitable foundations to facilitate our CRS efforts

We implement our CSR initiatives by partnering with NGO’s and Charitable foundations with whom we have established long-lasting relationships. These partners bring with them specialisation and experience that ensures the success of every social welfare programme.

Teraciel Group | CSR | our community


Along with an ethical approach to business, we are dedicated to contributing to the social welfare of local communities. Focusing our efforts in the regions that we serve, we have spearheaded initiatives that improve the quality of life, protect the environment and establish essential social services.

Teraciel Group | CSR | Sustainability


The Teraciel Group of companies strive to adhere to sustainable operations across all activities by applying international standards and best practices thereby offsetting negative impacts any of our activities have on the environment. TG continuously aims to improve the quality of the environment and the built-up environment.

Our Latest Initiatives

Explore our most recent activities and programmes that are bringing about a positive change in local communities around the world.

Teraciel Group | CSR | lifestyle

The Movember Initiative

In association with Al Jalila Foundation, we joined the movement to spread awareness about men’s health in November. To encourage men to pay more attention to their own health and adopt a better lifestyle, we provided our employees and their families with quirky moustache pins and instituted a month-long “No-Shave Movember” campaign within our organisation. All those who participated were encouraged to donate the money they had saved on grooming towards the campaign – 100% of the donations collected went towards supporting Al Jalila Foundation’s medical research programme.